Auction house gold bars

The International Auction House (AH) is a place for players to list their items for sale to people across all 5 nations.

The AH is located in the southeastern area of Regenshein . There are two NPCs you may use, Anoria Washton and Stefano Lantos.

All of your items must be fully repaired in order to list them. Click the NPC to repair all of your items or to open the AH.

Items purchased through this system are attached to your mail with a receipt of the transaction. Mail will be deleted after a period of time, therefore it is advised that you retrieve your items immediately after purchasing them. 

Buy ItemsEdit

Once the AH screen is open, you may set search options to search for a certain type of time such as Aika gold bar or you may use the search bar by typing in the item and choosing it from the list that pops up.

Choose the item you wish to purchase from the list shown on the right. A confirmation box will popup confirming the price. Your item will arrive in the mail immediately.

Sell ItemsEdit

To list items for sale, at the very top of the AH screen, click "Register". This will open a new screen where you drag and drop your item, enter the price you want, and choose how long the listing will be available.

You can list an item for 6, 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours. There is a small listing fee that must be paid upon registering an item, depending to how long you put the items on auction.

If your item sales, you will receive gold in the mail. If the item does not sale, the item will be returned to you in the mail and you must list it again.

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