Argent Forest is located in the southeastern area of Traband to the east of Sar Port.

There is another version of this map called Hidden Argent Forest that is only available to the leader of the Traband Tower Wars.

Southeast of the Holy Ground of Lenepe, in the most southeastern tip, is the portal that teleports players to Karena. This portal is not marked on the map.

The arrows that point to Sar Port, Gobei Port, and Gobei Watch Tower are indicating the general location of these areas and are not neccessarily saying that you can reach them by walking in that direction.

This map is floating in the air and therefore, you can only travel to other areas by walking on the lighter-gray colored paths. The dark areas are either air space or mountainous terrain.


NPCs are "Non-Playing Characters" that give you quests , complete quests, sell items , or otherwise interact with you.

As with items, you can search these people in the "Search" bar located on the map in-game.

NPCs & Quest Objects Significance
Alex Barbosa
Carlton Brown
Karena Transport Rift
Sealing Tree


Mobs are "Mobiles" which basically translates into mobile hostile creatures. These mobs may be aggressive and attack you without provocation or may not.

They drop items for craftingquest items, and equipmentEquipment dropped is typically based on the level of the mobs.

Mobs Essence Cloth Leather Minerals
Argent Forest Spirit
Black Scale Wyvern
Glacial Gaff
Mutant Wyvern
Red Scale Wyvern
Sareukeu the Dead