Rarity Uncommon
Value 320 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

An uncommon drop that may be collected from any mob in the game. These should be saved because they are used to craft the Pran Evolution Stone that is required to evolve level 50 prans into adults.

"Green Colored Gem"

Obtained FromEdit

  • Kynari Aviary
  • Lost Mines Dungeon [Hard]
  • Pheltas Dungeon
  • Bogus Box

Used to CraftEdit

  • Imperial Guardian
  • Death Swear
  • Moon Silver x2
  • Slip Stream
  • Holy Benetict
  • Fallen Destiny
  • Sayers Blade
  • Heinmark Sword
  • Kepler MK-3
  • Ryuni Wand
  • Ilios Staff
  • Liuvia Shield
  • Alpenshooter x2
  • DIY: Stone of Progress C
  • DIY: Stone of Progress B
  • DIY: Pran Evolution Stone
  • Amon Blade
  • Sayers Blade
  • Biblos Sword
  • Heremaakhut Sword
  • La Atum x2
  • Alpenshooter x2
  • Munkar MK-1
  • Kepler MK-3
  • Kouzel Wand
  • Ryunaxiah Wand
  • Oak Staff
  • Ilios Staff
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