Aquados is a dungeon located on the eastern side of Drago (AKA Hestia). There is another dungeon located in the north named Tyriantor.

Drago is accessible from an NPC located in Epheso. All buffs, debuffs, and taxes applicable in Traband are also applicable in Drago.

This dungeon has a 1 week cooldown. If a raid enters with even one person still on cooldown, the raid will enter the dungeon without any mobs.


This dungeon consists of a long dungeon with hallways leading from the main path. In each of the rooms is at least one boss with the main dungeon boss' teleport being located at the end of the main corridor.

There are 7 types of monsters located in this dungeon: Animal, Plant, Insect, Demon, Undead, Mixed, and Humanoid.


  • Party Members: 1 Raid: 2 parties minimum, 4 parties maximum
  • Minimum Level: 70
  • Daily Limit: 1 Week

There are 5 quests for Aquados:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
80 [Aquados] Sea Dragon's Nest Roony Kill Sachie, Ralla, and Coco
80 [Aquados] Submerged Island Roony Kill Stelan Inducers
80 [Aquados] Sea Dragon, Reagor Roony Kill Reagor
80 [Aquados] Steel Armor Ricowatt Kill Lachleidon
80 [Aquados] Aquados' Elite Yvette Spilla Kill High Protector Mantis, High Wizard Cartney, and High Healer Helic

Inside AquadosEdit

In this dungeon there are 6 rooms that you can get to normally, each containing its own kind of mobs and bosses. This dungeon also has a final boss which you need to use a teleport to get to. I will be referring to the picture included in the overview when referring to rooms by their numbers.

The Main PathEdit


  • Dierke Guard Soldier

This area is the path straight through the dungeon beginning at the entrance and ending at the teleporter that sends you to the last boss, Reagor. The only mobs in this area are Dierke Guard Soldiers, which have an AoE silence in the direction of the person with the most aggro.

Circular Areas Before RoomsEdit


  • Detector Alarm System

This refers to the circular area before each individual room. This area only contains Detector Alarm Systems, which can spawn Dierke Guard Soldiers if they are not stunlocked/silenced. It is very important that you keep these alarm systems silenced or stunned until your group can kill them.

Room 1Edit


  • Ruby hopper
  • Mine Hopper*

This room is probably the easiest room to clear considering there is nothing you need to worry about other than overpulling the mobs. This room contains a lot of Ruby Hoppers and a boss called Mine Hopper. The Mine Hopper only has a basic attack and one long range attack (which is always aimed at the player who farthest south within its range).

Room 2Edit


  • Spargy Wizard
  • Spargy Healer
  • Spargy Protector
  • High Healer Helic*
  • High Protector Vantis*
  • High Wizard Cartney*

This room contains a lot of Spargy Wizards, Spargy Healers, and Spargy Protectors. This room also has 3 bosses named High Healer Helic, High Wizard Cartney, and High Protector Vantis. High Healer Helic has a shield, which heals itself for any damage taken by the mob that also has the shield. It can cast the shield on High Wizard Cartney or itself. High Wizard Cartney has a debuff that can make any player die the next time they are hit (which is always aimed at the player who farthest south within its range) and a polymorph skill that turns all players near it into nerines.

Room 3Edit


  • Rock Hide Garubian
  • Caelium Shelled Garubian
  • Lycophi Trainer
  • Lachleidon*

Lachleidon can put up 2 different shields, one of which heals himself for all damage taken, and another that reflects all damage. These shields can be put on at different times which can be annoying at times because you might only have 10 seconds to attack safely.

Room 4Edit


  • Scaly Scoot
  • Kalaydos*

Kalaydos can spawn followers, immobilize people that are too close, and debuff the tank so that only deliverance, Howl of Blood/Transferance, and any similar skills can heal them (all cl heals are useless).

Room 5Edit


  • Dierke Guard Soldier
  • Detector Alarm System
  • Cocodra*
  • Sachiedra*
  • Ralladra*

All the bosses in this room are fairly similar being that they attack the person farthest south that they can see with a lightning ball that can damage people in an area and debuffs the target. They all also have an AoE with a different effect from each boss. Sachiedra's AoE damages players and drains MP equal to the HP lost. Cocodra's AoE silences all players that are hit by it. after killing all 3 dragons no Detector Alarm Systems will spawn upon entering the dungeon until it resets.

Room 6Edit


  • Living Sword
  • Living Steel
  • Captain Scales

Captain Ccales has 4 different AoE debuffs: one stuns all players in a certain area, one breaks the armor of players in an area, and the other 2 are debuffs that are actually buffs if you can live through them one adds DEX and INT, while the other adds STR and INT, both dealing 50k+ damage easily. when you kill Captain Scales no Dierke Guard Soldiers will spawn upon entering the dungeon until it resets(the soldiers can still be spawned by alarms).

Room 7Edit


  • Reagor*

This is the final room in this dungeon and the only mob here is the final boss. This boss drops multiple rings of lightning (called Lightning Field) which are AoEs that linger on the ground (which is always aimed at the player who farthest south within its range). When you get this boss down to about 25% HP, it uses a skill similar to divine ward (called Dream Curtain) that has 80+ tics and heals Reagor for 2% of its total hp every second until the ward is removed.


The following is a list of drops from the bosses in this dungeon. Add to this if you can!

Also the names of the items that are here are as the game has them so please do not change them unless there is a typo.

Equipment boxes are random; therefore, you may get a piece of either set for any class.

Most mobs (including bosses):

  • Pellurite [A], Rubicine [A], Pellurite [AA], Rubicine [AA]
  • Concentraded HP & MP potions [event]

Bosses in Rooms 1 and 2:

  • Ark of Twilight & Dawn [Glove]
  • Ark of Death & Life [Glove]
  • Light of Hestia

Bosses in Rooms 3 and 4:

  • Ark of Twilight & Dawn [Boots]
  • Ark of Death & Life [Boots]
  • Light of Hestia

Bosses in Rooms 5 and 6:

  • Ark of Twilight & Dawn [Helmet]
  • Ark of Death & Life [Helmet]
  • Light of Hestia

Reagor (Room 7):

  • Ark of Twilight & Dawn [Weapon]
  • Ark of Death & Life [Weapon]
  • Light of Hestia

For the boxes/arks, Death = Armageddon and the rest are the same as the sets.


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