Aitan Training Grounds are a newly implemented (July 2012) feature that gives Aitans new ways to gain experience and rewards. This is available to players level 21-80 from either channel.

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Aitan Training Ground arenas begin on the hour each hour and invites are sent 4 minutes until the hour (XX:57). To see what game time is, type `time into normal chat and the time is posted in the box on the right of the screen.

They are tiered based on player level and are limited to the 1st 100 players that join.

ATC invite

Tier levels are:

  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-60
  • 61-70
  • 71-80
  • 81-90
ATC InviteBar

If you closed your invite, simply double click on the bar on the right side of the screen to maximize the invite window again.

As with dungeons , if you die in the arena you will have 30 seconds to be resurrected or you will automatically be teleported out of the area.

ATC CertMerch

Hattori Hanzo/Edgar Kitten location.

Aitan Training Center Medals can be turned in to Edgar Keaton in the south-most part of Regenshein where the Honor Merchants are located.


After you enter the 4-digit code, you will automatically be warped to the center of the arena where all the players participating are. All Nations are involved in this event, but they can not attack you and vice versa. You are able to converse and make parties with other Nations in this event.

Once inside, you should shout "111" to join a party or form a party of your own by inviting players shouting "111". To invite, right click this name in the shout chat and select "Party Invite". Once in a party, your party leader should shout "555" or "Raid" to be joined into a raid.

The benefits to being in a party are that you may share in any drops from the entire group and clerics can monitor your HP. If it is easier to see your HP, they are better able to heal. They are not able to resurrect you if you are not a part in their raid, even though they see you, they can't help.

Now you buff up and prepare for battle!

At the top center of the arena screen, there is a bar with the remaining time left in the current round, number of mobs killed, and the number of mobs/bosses total for the round.

1st Stage - Kill the MobsEdit

This stage is organized the same for all tiers: Kill all the mobs in the time alloted to advance to the next stage. The total number of mobs appear in 3 substages show below.

The number of mobs required is based on the number of players participating, therefore 50 players have the same chance of completing as 100 players would.

If your group fails to kill all of the mobs, training will end and the teleport will appear in the center of the map.

Mob Theme Stage 1 Mobs Stage 2 Mobs Stage 3 Mobs
21-30 Zantorian Citadel Sir Asmodius
Sir Cavoclus
Baron Malevant
Baron Rancor
31-40 Marauder Hold
41-50 Marauder Cabin
51-60 Lost Mines White Lion Wizard
White Lion Musketeers
White Lion Soldiers
Akba Ulmans
61-70 Kynari Aviary Kynari Assassins
Kynari Gladiators
Croshu Hames

Rewards for completion:Edit

  • Training Center Stage 1 Box
    • ​Potion of STR up
    • Potion of DEX up
    • Potion of INT up
    • Potion of Speed
    • Protection Potion
    • Concentrated Mana Potion (Event)
    • Concentrated Health Potion (Event)

2nd Stage - Dodge the MeteorsEdit

The stages are organized the same for all tiers: Run to safe zones to avoid being hit my meteors. Multiple safe zones appear and dissolve around the arena constantly. They appear as a white forcefield with a purple transmitter located in the center. When the safe zone begins to dissolve it will turn red and blink before completely dissolving.

As this stage continues the pace intensifies. The safe zones will disappear quicker, are smaller in size, and you must run quickly to the next for shelter. Haste and/or speed pots are useful for this stage.

Best idea is to stand in the center and your party's clerics will spam Healing Corona.

Note: Haste and Speed Pots do not stack. Which ever is better is the one that will affect your Move Speed.

Rewards for completion:Edit

  • Training Center Stage 2 Box
    • ​Pellurite [D] Event
    • Rubicine [D] Event
    • Pellurite Extract [D] Event
    • Rubicine Extract [D] Event
    • Pellurite [C] Event
    • Rubicine [C] Event
    • Pellurite Extract [C] Event
    • Rubicine Extract [C] Event
    • Pellurite [B] Event
    • Rubicine [B] Event
    • Enriched Rubicine [B] Event
    • Enriched Pellurite [B] Event

3rd Stage - Kill the Bosses!Edit

The final stage of all of the Aitan Training Grounds sessions is to kill the bosses of the respective tier. The bosses of the stages will be the bosses of the themed tier.

Mob Theme Bosses Reward
21-30 Zantorian Citadel Duke of Horror
Duke of Terror
Training Center Stage 3 Box
Training Center Award (E) (100% Experience)
31-40 Marauder Hold Training Center Stage 3 Box
Training Center Award (D) (100% Experience)
41-50 Marauder Cabin Training Center Stage 3 Box
Training Center Award (C) (100% Experience)
51-60 Lost Mines Training Center Stage 3 Box
Training Center Award (B) (50% Experience)
61-70 Kynari Aviary Training Center Stage 3 Box
Training Center Award (A) (10% Experience)
Training Center Award (AA) (10% Experience)

Training Center Award Box Contents:Edit

  • Aitan Training Center Medals
  • Training Center Certificate (Experience Varies by Tier)

Training Center Stage 3 Box Contents:Edit

  • ​Pellurite [D] Event
  • Rubicine [D] Event
  • Pellurite Extract [D] Event
  • Rubicine Extract [D] Event
  • Pellurite [C] Event
  • Rubicine [C] Event
  • Pellurite Extract [C] Event
  • Rubicine Extract [C] Event
  • Pellurite [B] Event
  • Rubicine [B] Event
  • Enriched Rubicine [B] Event
  • Enriched Pellurite [B] Event

How to be successful inside the arena!Edit

This is a quick how-to guide for new players or players new to these arenas.

First and foremost, know your class and its limitations. Each class has a "role" in these settings. These roles are ever-present in Aika and you should know what each class does.

  • Paladin: Primary Tank - Pulls and holds mobs.
  • Warrior: Secondary Tank - Pulls and holds mobs, damage dealer.
  • Clerics: Healer and Resurrector - Heals and Resurrects.
  • Warlocks: Damage dealers, massive ranged and close proximity AoEs.
  • Dual Gunners: Damage dealers, single target and close proximity AoEs.
  • Riflemen: Damage dealers, single target with limited ranged AoEs.

As in dungeons, your role is what you are expected to do. If you don't, you could be the downfall of your group so stick to what people are expecting which is tankers pull the mobs, damage dealers kill the mobs, and Clerics heal the injured and resurrect the dead.

Since there is little time to explain to each group each time an Arena starts, you are expected to know what functions you serve to the whole group.

All classes are equally important in ATC, some are just more obvious than others. Clerics are in high demand for obvious reasons, Warlocks excel due to their AoEs, Paladins and Warriors are a neccessity for their pulling and tanking, and Dual Gunners and Riflemen are excellent body guards and damage dealers!

Keep in mind that Warlocks are the main ranged AoE class and therefore can perform most of the kills. But they are also the most vulnerable due to the channeling required to perform the AoEs. Mana shield uses a lot of MP and is also their life-line, less damage to casters = less MP being used.

Strategies for successEdit

This is just some suggestions as to how ATC players can work together to win! If you have other ideas or can improve upon these, please do so!

1st SuggestionEdit

2-4 tankers go to each corner and pull all mobs to the center. Warlocks will be in the center using AoEs to kill mobs as they are pulled. Dual Gunners and Riflemen kill mobs and protect Warlocks as they are channeling. Clerics focus on the tankers mainly, damage dealers (Warlocks mainly) secondary. Stealthers can run through the AoEs and stealth at low health to avoid being killed.

If someone is at risk of being killed, run through another's AoE and assist them with kills or heal them.


  • Consolidating mobs in AoEs = quicker kills
  • Warlocks can each AoE their own area = protection from being mobbed
  • Center will be an effective safe zone for tanks and Clerics due to mobs focusing on damaging AoE'ers
  • AFKers are obvious and can be killed by killed mobs (MUAHA)


  • Tankers pull too many mobs and die before reaching AoEs
  • Clerics don't focus on the tankers or vulnerable Warlocks could cause more deaths
  • Tankers not pulling ALL mobs could = 1 being missed accidentally
  • AFKers may fall under the radar and not be killed (Boo!)

2nd SuggestionEdit

1-2 parties consisting of at least 1-2 tankers, 1 Warlock, 1-2 Dual Gunners and Riflemen, and a Cleric per party goes to each corner. Tanks pull the mobs from their corner while damage dealers kill them. Clerics focus on their group, mainly the tankers and vulnerable Warlocks.

Tankers should only pull as many as their AoEs can kill at one time. Pulling all mobs at one time can be detrimental. Groups could effectively work in the clockwise movement killing mobs as they go.

After the corners are cleared groups move to the center to clear centrally located mobs.


  • The corners are cleared effectively, several people would be difficult to miss a straggler mob
  • Less work for the Clerics since they are focusing on their close proximity parties only
  • Tanks are closer to the Clerics for quick heals


  • Depends on all parties being effective at clearing their corners, slackers could cause the whole to fail
  • AFKers in the center will be killed or forced to fend for themselves from centrally spawned mobs
  • Shadow Fall doesn't stack and so having a party with several Warlocks would be counterproductive

3rd SuggestionEdit

All participants start in one corner killing and work clockwise as a group killing as they move while trying not to focus on the same mobs.

After all mobs around the perimeter are killed, the entire group moves to the center to kill centrally located mobs.


  • Little chance of missing straggler mobs.
  • AFKers in the center will be killed or forced to fend for themselves from centrally spawned mobs
  • Less work for the Clerics since their party members are close proximity
  • Tanks and damage dealers are in close proximity and can work together easier while taking less damage


  • If the groups focus on the same mobs, they may clear them slower