You will receive the quest for your Pran at level 7 from Captain Cromwell at the Flour Mill in Verband. The quest is named "To the Pran Station!"

You must go to Regenshein and speak with Ellin Maria who is located in the center of the city next to the bank.

You will now get the "Becoming a True Aitan" quest from Ellin Maria. This asks to collect items from Breeding Boar, Moguns, and Kubari. This quest is currently glitched, therefore you should go directly to Theltar Bariel and finish the quest, no items required.

Return to Ellin Maria and she will give you a quest to collect 9 essences. But in the quest log it requires you to get 5 items from Helen Stadler's shop instead. So get the items and return to Ellin.

Click the "Pran Waiting Room" to open the Pran storage area. You will now have the option of naming you new Pran!

  • Pran names can not currently be changed.
  • You can use letters, numbers, or symbols in your Pran's name, but you can not use a space. To give the illusion of a space, you can use an underscore such as "Pran_Name" will give the illusion of "Pran Name."

After you have given your Pran a name, drag the Pran Summoning Stone to your inventory. Double-click the stone to equip your new Pran!

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