The 09 Company Force Equipment, or 09 Set, is a set of equipment you can obtain from quests beginning at level 51 and ending at level 55.

To begin these quests, you must talk to Nick Yarsh in Regenshein.

You will be able to complete a quest each level (51, 52, 53, 54, 55) to obtain 1 piece per level. The quests must be completed in order to unlock the next.

These quests can all be completed in 2 days if the player is level 55. The last quest, for the weapon, requires 2 days to complete.

Sequence of quests and NPCs:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
51 Request for 09 Company's Support Nick Yarsh Talk to Ornitho Rutell at Tasker Lumbermill
51 [Glorious] Gauntlet of 09 Company Force Ornitho Rutell Kill Ulmans to obtain 1 Solvent
52 [Glorious] Boots of 09 Company Force Ornitho Rutell Kill Anglers and Poison Anglers to obtain 1 Rotten Council Boots
53 [Glorious] Helmet of 09 Company Force Ornitho Rutell Kill 100 Kynari Guards & 100 Combat Guards
54 [Glorious] Armor of 09 Company Force Ornitho Rutell Kill 100 Mutant Cannibal Plants
55 The Last Test Ornitho Rutell Talk to Otto von Schroder in Regenshein
55 [Glorious] Weapon of 09 Company Force Otto von Schroder Collect 2 Blessing of Naser
55 [Common] Blessing of Naser (Daily) Alchemist Issac Kill Seridunn in Kynari Aviary (Normal) to obtain 1 Corrupt Scinic Blessing

After completing the [Common] Blessing of Naser (Daily) quest the first time, you must turn it in to Alchemist Issac in order to repeat the quest the next day. The Daily reset time begins at the time the quest is completed, not started. Daily quests reset at 6 am game time.

The daily quest is also a drop quest so make sure you have room for the drop in your inventory.

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