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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/14/2015

hi gm..

i can't log in my acc... said account not found... plsss help me...
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• 12/25/2014

Can't ride my Puma

I'm level 60 Saint. When I try equip my Puma the icon dissapear. I tried a lot of times and using the same key that normaly used with my Warlock, but never worked
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• 9/22/2014

What do Rub A and Pell A fragments

what do rub A and Pell A fragments make and where do I get the recipe for rub and Pell fragments to make what ever
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• 1/9/2014


Why altar stone resets? its stupid.
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• 1/1/2014

Wrong pin code 3 times

ive entered the wrong pin code of my charactor 3 times and it has tunred black and i cant play it no matter how many days it passed so what should i do now
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• 12/21/2013

Level 70 Jump

Recently I wanted to try out a dual gunner, but rather than go through the entire game again, I opted out for the level 71 jump from the Talent store, I let my game idle for about 36 hours or so until I had 300+ talents and then exchanged them for the new Atian box, used it, increased to level 71, and began doing the main quests so I could get my pran and start a journey, however, I went to the pran station with quests, and all quests began ending.
I have found a few quests here and there unrelated to the plot but only one or two in each area, sometimes none in the area even though I'm at the right level for them. Any ideas?
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• 12/10/2013

how to get a abandon quest back

i accidently  abandon the how to become a citizen  quest  , how do i get it back?
please help ty
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• 6/23/2013

Does anyone know where i go to get lakia diamonds?

Does anyone know where i go to find lakia diamonds?
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